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Oceanfront dining at Coconuts

Bermuda in the Fall

Pink sand beaches?  Check.  Golf and tennis?  Check.  World class hotels?  Check.  Excellent shopping and dining ?  Check.  Rich history and culture to discover?  Check.  Ideal weather most of the year? Check. I’m referring to Bermuda, an island paradise located approximately 650 miles east of North Carolina in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Exploring one of many stunning beaches on Bermuda
Exploring one of the many stunning beaches on Bermuda with my husband

My first impression of the island was this; “Wow, it’s so quick and easy to get here!”  Bermuda can be reached from most major gateways on the east coast within two hours.  By mid-afternoon, I was on the beach with a cocktail in hand.  My second impression of the island was its pervasive beauty.  The homes are well kept and painted cheerful colors, there is no trash to be found anywhere, and vibrant, lush landscaping covers much of the island.  I’ve never seen a destination so clean and beautiful, and the friendliness of the Bermudians is the icing on the cake.

Beauty can be found around every corner!
Beauty can be found around every corner!

My first stop was Rosewood’s newest addition to their Caribbean portfolio called Tucker’s Point, the first new hotel to open on the island in over a decade.  This hotel embodies elegance and opulence, but it’s not fussy in any way.  Families will be very comfortable bringing their children here, and couples seeking a romantic experience can rest assured that the size of the property will provide them with plenty of privacy.

Elegance at Tucker's Point
Elegance at Tucker’s Point:  Spa relaxation area
Guest room at Tucker's Point
Guest room at Tucker’s Point

The main hotel is located on a bluff overlooking Castle Harbour, and all of the rooms offer dramatic views of the water. The interior design reminded me of a subdued Greenbrier Hotel style:  old-world, warm, but very elegant.  Activities are spread out across a sizable piece of land, so even when the hotel is full (and I stayed there when all rooms were occupied), it never feels crowded.

Exterior view of Tucker's Point
Exterior view of Tucker’s Point
One of several, inviting common areas at Tucker's Point
One of several, inviting common areas at Tucker’s Point

Guests can choose to spend their time at one of  two different pools close to the main hotel, a separate beach club and pool area, the tennis courts, the golf course, or sight-seeing around the island.  Tucker’s Point Golf Club, which is situated on over 200 gorgeous acres, is a big draw for the hotel, as are the four clay tennis courts and team of professionals to help you better either game.

The grounds of Tucker's Point
The grounds of Tucker’s Point
Beachfront at Rosewood Tucker's Point
Beachfront at Tucker’s Point

For guests seeking relaxation and pampering, the spa at Tucker’s Point is the perfect spot to unwind.  It boasts eight treatment rooms and has truly some of the prettiest common areas I’ve seen in a spa anywhere in the world.  A full range of services is offered, and the therapists are well-trained professionals who will ensure your experience is a memorable one.

Relaxation pool at Tucker's Point spa
Relaxation pool at Tucker’s Point spa

Dining at Rosewood Tucker’s Point did not disappoint, and the quality of the food and ambiance at the different restaurants was in line with other Rosewood properties in the region (i.e. fantastic!).  I particularly loved my dinner at The Point, and while pricey, my husband and I definitely felt it was worth every penny.

Dining room at The Point
Dining room at The Point
With Levon, one of the head doormen at Tucker's Point
With Levon, one of the head doormen at Tucker’s Point

A few days later, I moved to The Reefs, a well-known, family-owned hotel on the other side of the island.  I loved it the minute I arrived.  This hotel embodies a Bermudian charm that’s difficult to describe without seeing it with your own eyes.  The setting is dramatic, which adds to the atmosphere and didn’t allow me to put down my camera for very long.  There were too many possible photo opportunities everywhere I looked!

Beach perfection at The Reefs
Beach perfection at The Reefs

The Reefs has been in business since the 1940s, and the Dodwell family has been working hard in recent years to keep the hotel up to date with modern amenities, but also stay true to their original goal of providing guests with a traditional Bermudian experience.  Rooms are a little smaller than what you find at newer hotels, but I found them to have plenty of space for me.  Additionally, the view from the balcony of my Jr. Suite couldn’t be beat.

Jr. Suite balcony view
Jr. Suite balcony view
A room at The Reefs
Guest room at The Reefs

There are a number of dining options on property, and each restaurant served up delicious food in a memorable setting.  I was partial to Coconuts, a romantic restaurant situated right above the beach.  It was where my husband and I chose to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and I couldn’t have imagined a lovelier setting for a special occasion.

Oceanfront dining at Coconuts
Oceanfront dining at Coconuts

The Reefs “dine around ” program is a big draw for the repeat guests who return year after year.  Guests have the option to dine at Pompano Beach Club or Cambridge Beaches as part of their meal plan (Rates at The Reefs include breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner daily).  It’s a great way to see other parts of the island and enjoy a diverse dining experience during your vacation.  Also worth mentioning is the hotel’s brand new spa – a lovely space with eight treatment rooms and sweeping ocean views from the relaxation area.

One of many beautiful evenings guests can enjoy at The Reefs
One of many beautiful evenings guests can enjoy at The Reefs

When we weren’t enjoying these two amazing hotels, my husband and I spent our time exploring Bermuda’s varied activities and sites.  There are beautiful beaches to discover, historic towns to walk through, some serious shopping to be done in Hamilton, and much, much more.  I’ve already made a list of what I want to see and do when I return – this “jewel of the Atlantic” is calling me back.